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Notorious Nick

Notorious Nick

Action/Adventure, Biography | English | 90 minutes


VMI Worldwide

Cast & Crew


Aaron Leong


Mark DiSalle


Josh Campbell


Cody Christian, Elisabeth Rohm, Kevan Pollak



Nick Newell (Cody Christian) was born with a congenital birth defect causing him to have only one hand and growing up being treated differently, tormented and bullied for most of his childhood. Tired of being picked on, he did the unthinkable and joined the high school wrestling team with the help of his best friend Abi. Despite the initial losses Nick never gave up and kept on fighting against all odds, rapidly mastering his craft.

When Abi convinced Nick to sign up for MMA to win a $500 cash prize and help Nick’s struggling yet fearless single Mom (Elisabeth Röhm), his wrestling coach (Kevin Pollak) helped him gain access to the world of professional MMA fighting.

Nick’s early MMA career was a struggle, not because he could not win, but because other established fighters refused to fight a one armed fighter, seeing it as a lose-lose situation, with a win against Nick offering no pride or glory and a defeat bringing nothing but devastating humiliation. But he soon got a path to recognition gradually becoming a force to be reckoned with and getting a shot at his first professional fight.

NOTORIOUS NICK is an Action-packed cinematic experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you root for the underdog and witness how perseverance and beating the odds can get you to becoming a bona fide MMA champion.

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