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Nursing Home Loyalty Cards

Nursing Home Loyalty Cards

Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance, True Story | English | 115 minutes



Cast & Crew


Amanda Giles


Craig Giles



When a desperate college graduate lands her first job to resuscitate a dying nursing home, she introduces a Loyalty Card app to bring in new residents, but her success nearly kills her. LOYALTY CARDS delivers dynamic moments infused with insightful situations. Think Legally Blonde, with a call to opportunity like Pay It Forward.

GRACE (24) an optimistic University graduate landed her first job at a Nursing Home. She knew it was sad and tired, but she hadn't expected to find a resident who committed suicide just moments before. She pushes past bumbling staff who don't know what to do, she revives him.
Overcome by the huge task at hand, Grace plans to quit immediately, but when she confides in her parents, her father guilts her into staying at the job. Grace moves out of home with nowhere to go, she is crushed by her father's disapproval.

Living out of her car, Grace takes on the challenge of resurrecting this dilapidated old home. She ropes in residents and staff who bring creativity, carnage and comedic moments in an attempt to spruce it up. Anticipating the big open day, everyone
dresses up to shine, but not one visitor. Grace is broken, but then energised by the support of her newfound mentor lETTU
(70), who is an undercover boss. Grace devises a new plan that she is sure will work, she introduces LOYALTY CARDS that she hopes will bring the visitors in like flies on a rotting carcase.

COO. TERKY/ (40) confident and magnetic, has a secret gambling addiction, and the debt collectors have grown impatient. He embezzles the profits as his own resources dwindle. When this fails, Terry pressures Grace to raise the stakes. She introduces the LOYALTY CARD app that connects with the resident's Wills. Fearful they will miss out on their inheritance; the families prove their love by taking the elderly out. Grace
lands in further trouble as the elderly rock the nightclubs and take over theme parks with enthusiasm. Terry suffocates under escalating pressure from his debt, so when he spies Betty stashing money in her wall safe, he devises a plan to solve all his problems. He drugs
Betty, frames Grace for the murder, and takes Betty's money to pay off his debt. Grace is jailed for Betty's murder and is placed in the same cell as Terry's debt collector. Betty, who had only pretended to take the lethal dose, arranges for Grace's release.

Realising that she has been on the wrong track, Grace launches a new initiative to empower the residents to use their skills to bring Terry to justice. Led by Grace, the resident's rush - at a snail's pace to catch Terry. When he breaks in to clear the evidence from Betty's safe, he is apprehended by the Police. Grace is not only cleared of the murder but is promoted to C.0.0. of the home.

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