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One For The Road

One For The Road

Comedy, Drama | German | 115 minutes


Beta Cinema

Cast & Crew


Markus Goller


Markus Goller, Oliver Ziegenbalg, Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann


Oliver Ziegenbalg


Frederick Lau, Nora Tschirner


Although in self-denial about his drinking problem, Mark seems to have easily mastered life between his demanding job as a construction manager and rambunctious forays into Berlin‘s nightlife. That is, until he is stopped by the police one night, loses his license until he has passed a medical -psychological examination. Mark bets his best friend Nadim that he won‘t drink any alcohol until he gets his driving license back, but he hasn‘t reckoned with meeting “partner in crime“ Helena during the examination. At first Mark is confident of victory, but soon disillusionment follows in the truest sense of the word. Does Mark have to admit to himself that he has a more serious problem than he thought?

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