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Oskar's Dress

Oskar's Dress

Comedy, Drama | German | 102 minutes


Beta Cinema

Cast & Crew


Hüseyin Tabak


Dan Maag, Daniel Sonnabend, Marco Beckmann


Florian David Fitz


Florian David Fitz, Lauri, Senta Berger, Burghardt Klaußner


Ever since Ben has been living apart from his ex-wife Mira and their children Oskar and Erna, his life has fallen apart. Alone in his semidetached house, he drags himself through sleepless nights and starts the day with muesli and beer. Unexpectedly, Ben gets a second chance to prove that he can be a good father: when the heavily pregnant Mira is in hospital, his children temporarily move in with him. However, things don’t go quite according to plan. Ben realizes as he opens the suitcases. Because there it is: Oskar‘s dress. And with this innocent dress, Ben and his conventionally messed-up family embark on an adventure at the end of which everything is different – and no one is the same anymore.

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