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Our G*ddamn Wedding

Our G*ddamn Wedding

Romantic Comedy | English | 100 minutes


Galloping Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Jeff Jackson


Jeff Jackson, Carlos Alperin


Melissa Hernández is going to marry her true love, Charlie Novak. And — best of all — the ceremony is going to be at St. Cecilia’s, the fabulous, gothic Catholic cathedral that was the site of every major event in her family’s history. Her parents were married there, her sister was married there, christenings, first communions… ever since girlhood, whenever Melissa dreamed of her wedding day, St. Cecilia’s was the setting. One problem. Her fiancé, Charlie, is an atheist. But they have a plan: If Charlie just keeps his mouth shut and goes along with all the Catholic pageantry for this one weekend, they might manage to fake their way past Melissa’s super-religious mother.

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