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Out Of Death

Out Of Death

Alternate Titles:

Action/Adventure | English


Highland Film Group

Cast & Crew


Mike Burns


Randall Emmett, George Furla, Mark Stewart, Luillo Ruiz


Bruce Willis, Jaime King


Still grieving the untimely death of her father, Shannon (Jaime King) spreads his ashes in the woods when she witnesses a cop shooting and killing an unarmed man. She captures the whole scene on her phone before being discovered. Shot at, scared, unarmed and on the run, she must rely on her knowledge of the forest to survive. Narrowly escaping the murderous cop, she runs into Jack (Bruce Willis) a retired policeman who is relaxing at his cabin. Not sure of whom she can trust, as more bad cops arrive to help hunt her down, including the brutal police chief Hank, she realizes she must trust Jack and together they come up with a plan to survive and bring the corrupt cops to justice.

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