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Outlaw Posse

Outlaw Posse

Action/Adventure, Western | English


Highland Film Group

Cast & Crew


Mario Van Peebles


Joshua Russell


Whoopi Goldberg, Cedric The Entertainer


In the untamed Wild West of 1908, men in power take advantage of an unfair world where corruption and greed run deep. Renegade cowboy Chief (Mario Van Peebles), eager to restore balance, assembles a daring group of outcasts and saddles up on a cross-country odyssey to reclaim stolen gold in unsettled territory. Pursued by the vengeful lawman Angel (William Mapother), the posse is caught in a deadly game of survival and redemption, navigating the treacherous terrain of gunfights, showdowns, and horse chases. United by honor, they encounter allies such as Stagecoach Mary (Whoopi Goldberg) that shape their destiny. As they venture closer to the hidden treasure, they soon learn survival is the only justice.

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