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Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove

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Drama, Musical | English | 105 minutes


Paradise Cove Productions

Cast & Crew


Robert Clapsadle


Robert Clapsadle



This dramatic feature is shot in the classic film noir style and spins a tale of greed and corruption, redemption and revenge. Starring Ben Gazarra, Karen Black and introducing Jacob Nathaniel as a nameless Kid trying to uncover the truth about his dead father Duke (Ben Gazzara) in a shadowy waterfront town. Duke worked for the local Mafia, and Ma Delaney (Karen Black) wants him to kill Blue Cloud, who runs the local Indian casino. When he refuses, she kills him.

The Kid steals a car and goes to juvenile hall. Getting out, he revisits all the old haunts, and pumps Doll, a jazz singer (Laura Theodore) for information. An FBI agent, the Don, Ma's old gang, and a vagrant Prophet all pull on him, but he goes his own way. He shyly courts Angel, who works for the Don. After a dramatic shootout, he drives off into the sunset with his girlfriend.

Written and directed by Robert Clapsadle Original songs by Carol Wolman

This is one of the last feature films shot in 35 mm film. Beautiful cinematography.

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