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Thriller | Tamil | 120 minutes


Proreal Production Corp

Cast & Crew




Murugan, a paranormal researcher from India, is conducting a documentary on the supernatural & mystical elements of Malaysia. He collects the stories of urban legends and strange phenomenon that can be materialized as a Radio show back in his motherland. With the assistance of his local Malaysian friend Martin, he meets Malika, an archaeologist in Penang. Malika shares her encounters of paranormal activities during her college days at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Penang. Her story revolves around an ancient coin that she accidently discovered at a paddy field in Kedah, near Lembah Bujang. Without informing others of her finding, Malika begins to experience scary encounters and forced to leave the hostel room. Later she figures out that the coin possesses a supernatural ability to communicate with her and trying to convey a message. Murugan helps Malika to decode the hidden message of the coin and unfolds the great danger of its manipulation. The story briefly based on the Indian urban legend called ‘Poochandi’ a.k.a Boogeyman which originated in 5th Century A.D from the mainland of South India. Taking into account of the historical connections between India and Ancient Kedah, we would like to put forward the possibility of the existence of the same urban legend among the Indians in Malaysia

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