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Horror | Spanish | 120 minutes


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With the mission of selling an old family property, Victor, a young and famous actor, and his wife Alicia,
return to the place where he and his family spent countless memorable times during his childhood; but
where happiness was also interrupted abruptly by the death of his younger sister who drowned at the

His return to the old family cabin brings back memories of pain and fear stored inside him as strong
nightmares begin to haunt him.

The first night at the cabin, during a heavy storm, Victor prepares a romantic evening with Alicia, who in
turn plans to give him a beautiful surprise that will change their lives. But as she's ready to deliver the
good news, they suddenly get brutally attacked by something or someone.

Victor wakes up in a hospital, where he is notified by a police detective that his wife has died while being
pregnant with his child. Victor cannot remember what happened, much less his attacker. As weeks go by,
the investigation is abandoned for lack of evidence and witnesses.

Desperate and against the doctor's instructions, Victor sneaks away and decides to go back to the cabin
in search of the assassin. However, upon arrival, he is met with great hostility from the town authorities.
Only Paulina, an independent and kind-hearted young woman, and Maria, his old nanny, seem to care
about him; but concerned for his well-being, they advise him to go back home and abandon the search.
However, Victor will not rest until he discovers who killed the love of his life and his son.

This journey will lead him to discover that the truth is even more terrifying than his own worst

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