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Pride Jewel

Pride Jewel

Action/Adventure, Drama, Thriller | English | 94 minutes


4D Legacy Studios

Cast & Crew


Armen Dilanchian


Armen Dilanchian



Written by award-winning screenwriter Armen Dilanchian, Pride Jewel is set in San Francisco/Bay Area Ca. A story of love, crime, revenge, and the American Dream. An Armenian father and son immigrate to the U.S. after a massive earthquake levels their small town in Armenia. Andre and his father move to Bay Area, in hopes of a better life. Amidst the challenges of this new environment, no job perspectives, and desperate for a family life, Andre quickly turns to jewel thief, Cyrus for guidance. Andre tries to make fast money, but he has a change of heart when Cyrus instructs his crew to make a score at an Armenian wedding. In the end, we find revenge is the only way out and redemption is nowhere to be found. Pride Jewel is proud winner of "Best Picture"" at the Paris Film Festival, Amsterdam International Film Festival, and 12 "Best Screenplay" awards across the globe. Produced and written by: Armen Dilanchian

Directed by:Doug Thomsen

Co-Produced by: Megan Louise Thill


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