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Rain On My Wedding Day

Rain On My Wedding Day

Comedy, Docu-Drama, Drama, Romantic Comedy | English | 108 minutes



Cast & Crew


Amanda Giles


Craig Giles


Logline - Anna thought she landed the man of her dreams; how will she lure him back after her psychotic mother sets him up with a call girl?

Anna is engaged to the man of her dreams, Jack. Anna’s Mother Lara has a thing with men - she just doesn’t trust them. In her words, ‘Men are good for one thing...’ and she certainly knows how to play them. Lara’s distrust of Jack leads her to set him up with a prostitute on his bucks’ night, to prove he will be unfaithful.

Things go as planned for Lara, Jack is roofied and ends up unconscious in his bed. He finds a message and photos of his apparent infidelity the next morning. Full of guilt and shame, he breaks off his engagement with Anna who is oblivious to the situation. Anna decides to rise above the situation and find out why.

Anna persuades Jack’s best friend Trev to trick him into appearing on her favourite TV Show, ‘Late Night with Darren Sanders’. Lara’s evil angel confesses to leaving Jack in bed out cold without a happy ending and reveals that Lara was the instigator. Anna tries to force an apology from Lara but she refuses.

Meanwhile Jack falls into depression, Trish hits on Jack, Anna saves a guy’s life and she is invited to star on a wedding reality TV show. Trish must bring Jack to the wedding while Anna prepares in secret, this time for live television. Lara arrives to steal the show but Anna uncovers the real issue behind her mad mother’s contempt for men: a broken relationship with Jack’s father, a connection she never knew about.

Brain snap – Lara apologises, Jack agrees to marry Anna on live TV, and one final ditch effort from Lara where she attempts to steal the limelight but fails. Sleepless in Seattle meets Monster-In-Law.

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