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[Rec] Horror Without Pause

[Rec] Horror Without Pause

Alternate Titles: [Rec] Terror Sin Pausa

Documentary | Spanish | 99 minutes



Cast & Crew


Diego Lopez-Fernandez


Carlos Fernandez, Laura Fernandez


Diego Lopez-Fernandez


Jaume Balaguero, Paco Plaza, Julio Fernandez, Carlos Fernandez, Teresa Gefaell, Oriol Maymo, Pablo Rosso, David Ambit, Manuela Velasco, Carlos Lasarte, Javier Botet


When ‘[REC]’ premiered on 23rd November, 2007, it marked a before and after in Spanish cinema. The innovative new style of the film that Filmax producer, Julio Fernandez, had put his faith behind, redefined the horror genre in Spain. Before long, it was being touted as a new cult classic in Spanish horror and became one of the most well-loved films by fans of the genre.

Besides hearing from the directors and producers of the films, in ‘[REC] Horror Without Pause’, viewers will be taken behind the scenes to look at the different aspects of production, as well as hearing from those who were the driving force behind the original idea, the main cast members, the professionals working in areas such as direction of art and photography and well-known personalities from the Spanish movie industry.

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