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Red Storm

Red Storm

Action/Adventure | Chinese | 87 minutes


Beijing Reliable Media Co., Ltd

Cast & Crew


Michael Chuah


A rich tycoon daughter from China, Ru Nan, is being targeted by a group of human traffickers. While she is in Malaysia, her father has assigned Hong Peng, an ex military from China to be her bodyguard. Meanwhile, the local police has also assigned Ah Bu, a highly skilled police officer who has given up on his life when his failed mission causes many of his teammates and his wife to be killed in a raid gone wrong 3 months ago. Soon, Ah Bu has to put back his life together and join Hong Peng in saving Ru Nan when she is being kidnapped, and when their investigation to track down Ru Nan continues, Ah Bu soon discovers that the group of human traffickers targeting RuNan is also responsible for the murder of his wife and his team mates in his previous failed mission.

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