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Role Play

Role Play

Action/Adventure, Suspense | English | 90 minutes



Cast & Crew


Thomas Vincent


Andrew Rona, Alex Heineman


Andrew Baldwin, Seth W. Oweneman


Kaley Cuoco, David Oyelowo, Bill Nighy, Connie Nielsen


Dave and Emma have the seemingly perfect life – two kids, suburban house, good jobs – but they just want a little more fun. In fact, they need it. Looking to shake things up, they decide to ROLE PLAY. The rules are simple - they meet as strangers for one night to rekindle their relationship.

While waiting for her ‘stranger’ at a hotel bar in New York, Emma attracts the attention of a mysterious older man, who stays to buy her and Dave drinks long into the night. 24 hours later, the man is found dead and a murder investigation is launched. Emma and Dave’s role play game now becomes a case of mistaken identity that leads to Emma disappearing and Dave being questioned by the police for murder.

As disguises unravel, Dave uncovers the unbelievable truth: his wife Emma is a professional assassin who has been living a double life for years.

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