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Samurai Priest Vampire Hunter

Samurai Priest Vampire Hunter

Action/Adventure, Horror, Western | English | 93 minutes


Thorium 230 Inc

Cast & Crew


Mark Terry


Tim Thomerson, Ken Foree, Mark Hengst, Osa Wallander, Tiffany Shepis



The comic book has come to life. Tim Thomerson is Samurai Priest Vampire Hunter, and he is on an epic chase to track down a clique of vampires. Clean blood is in short supply due to drugs, liquor, perscription pills and common diseases. The mutated vampires seek out Macks "The Blood Pusher" (Ken Foree) to under who this myserious priest is and why this hunt is personal!

Shot on gritty Super 16mm film with hardcore stunts, unique vampire lore, nudity, and unprecedented vampire killings, the term 'grindhouse' more than apropos.

Mix "Near Dark" with "Creepshow" and "Death Proof" then sprinkle in a ton of attitude. Tim Thomerson will keep you on your toes in this action packed performance; Samurai Priest Vampire Hunter.

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