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Secret Santa Admirer

Secret Santa Admirer

Romance | English


Candlelight Media Group

Cast & Crew


Brian Brough


Aubrey Reynolds, Sam Whitten



Lila holds a grudge when she re-meets Glenn, her former childhood bully. He’s just moved back to town and got a job where Lila works, and she wants nothing to do with him. But Glenn claims he’s different now and wants to prove it. When the company has a secret Santa signup to bring in the Christmas spirit, Glenn swaps assignments to make sure he is Lila’s secret Santa. Through working together, Lila sees he has changed, but does that mean she can really let go of the past to see him as a friend? And while she struggles with that, she is charmed by the secret Santa gifts she’s been receiving. What will she do when she discovers she’s falling in love with the person she used to resent?

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