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Seve: One Man Army

Seve: One Man Army

Documentary | English, Spanish | 124 minutes



Cast & Crew


Hugo Stuven


Luis Velo, Guillermo Gomez


David Zurdo


Gary Player, Greg Norman, Jack Nicklaus, Jose Maria Olazabal, Tony Jacklin, Merin Ballesteros, Ken Schofield, Bernard Langer, Sam Torrance, Ernie Els, John Paramor, Tom Kite



Seve’s passion for golf started from a young age. As a child, he’d take an old, stolen 3-iron and a tin of tomatoes that he used for the hole down to the beach, or sneak into the golf course in his small village of Pedreña, in northern Spain. Despite such humble beginnings, he rapidly rose to the top. The trophies started pouring in and the crowd became fascinated by the young man and his “impossible” shots.

But Seve wasn’t only an inspiration in the golfing world. He was a tireless fighter, standing up to the powers that be in all areas of sport and always remaining true to himself, until illness took his life at the tragically young age of 54.

‘Seve: One Man Army’ is filled with emotion and includes testimonies from some of golf’s most famous players, many of whom were Seve’s rivals during his career, as well as referees, journalists and, of course, his family. The film is a tribute to one of the finest, most charismatic players in the history of golf.

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