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Shadow of the Wolf

Shadow of the Wolf

Alternate Titles: L'ombra Del Lupo

Horror, Thriller | English, Italian | 88 minutes


Filmexport Group

Cast & Crew


Alberto Gelpi


Alessandro Riccardi


Alessandro Riccardi


Christopher Lambert, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Marianna Di Martino


Nico is a policeman who has returned to his country after years to say goodbye to his mother, Eleonora, who suddenly fell ill. In the same days, some corpses are found in the woods, put on display as in a macabre warning. Yet traces indicate that the killings were not carried out by human hand, but by a huge beast. The police are convinced that Nico is connected to the crimes, and Nico himself begins to have doubts about himself because he feels "changed". After rummaging through Eleonora's house for some explanation, she discovers a terrible truth about her father. Thanks to Professor Moreau, an old family acquaintance, Nico will try to get in touch with his true nature.

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