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Tasty Tales of the Food Trucker

Tasty Tales of the Food Trucker

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Animation | English | 11 minutes


T&B Media Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd



FIND IT! EAT IT! COOK IT! 52 Eps. X 11 minutes
Kids are obsessed with food and so are the Food Truckers!
Mix Indiana Jones with a heaping cup of MasterChef and a dash of Jackass. Bake for 11 minutes and you’ve got the Food Truckers! Three crazy friends travel the world in their souped-up, sentient food truck seeking out rare (but real) ingredients to turn into exotic (and delicious) meals. There’s no mountain too high, desert too hot or river too wild to deter three foodilicious friends from creating the most extreme dishes on earth and, of course, vlogging about it online! Stories come from physical challenges created by extreme adventuring, with plenty of comedy and slapstick along the way

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