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Shooting Blanks

Shooting Blanks

Black Comedy | Greek | 85 minutes


Picture Tree International GmbH

Cast & Crew


Žiga Virc


Minos Nikolakakis, Siniša Juričić


Iza Strehar, Žiga Virc


Eva Jesenovec, Angeliki Papoulia, Primož Pirnat


Vida’s father France worships his father, a hero of the partisan resistance. When a German supermarket chain decides to build a new store in his hometown, demolishing a statue of his father in the process, France declares war on this new ‘enemy’. Vida could not care less about the past – she is trying to get pregnant, and it is not going well. While she and her husband Toni wait for news from the fertility clinic, France leads local volunteers dressed up as partisans and Nazis into maneuvers against the supermarket. But not everyone supports his guerrilla war on all things grocery based. Especially Vida. As France’s quixotic quest spirals out of control, will Vida finally explode? It is a dark comedy about what happens when a family goes to war – with itself.

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