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Shred of Decency

Shred of Decency

Drama | English | 80 minutes


4D Legacy Studios

Cast & Crew


Dan Fowlks


Dan Fowlks



Inspired by a true event during the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes Forest. Central to the story are three isolated American paratroopers, one wounded, struggling through drifts of snow, when they come upon a small cabin in the woods. Inside, a German mother and her tween-age son are in a mood for a Christmas celebration.

In the twilight she sees the bedraggled Americans in the snow and lets them in. Harry, the wounded one, is given a bed and a chance to rest while the others are treated to warm coffee. The respite does not last long however. Soon, five German soldiers appear at the door asking for shelter. The scene is set for conflict, but with a cool head, Elizabeth invites them in, on condition that they not object to her guests. After a tense confrontation, Elizabeth insists that all weapons be left outside, and the soldiers, boys that they are, submit to a mother's rule!

Dinner is served, and combatants join hands as Elizabeth intones a prayer of peace. Harry's wound is tended by a German medic, and through rudimentary communications, agreement is found about the pointlessness of war. A quiet night passes in warmth and shelter, and the morning rays light an angelic expression on Elizabeth's face as she wakes to find the soldiers rearmed and ready to depart. The Americans have a sled to carry the recovering Harry, and the German Corporal advises them how to find their way back to their own lines. Thanking Elizabeth for her kindness, they depart. Back in her now empty cabin, Elizabeth collapses in relief and gratitude. For a night at least, Peace has conquered War.

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