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Mystery, True Story | English | 110 minutes


Shake The Tree Productions

Cast & Crew


Jennifer Jiles, Toni D'Antonio, Chris Niespodzianst


Jennifer Jiles, Chris Niespodzianst


Jennifer Giles, Jay Eazy


Logline: The perfect housewife until her husband’s lover turns up dead.

Synopsis: Jan Rice is a normal middle aged wife and mother of two.
After finding out her husband has had an affair, she starts a smear campaign against his lover.
"#SKANK" The hashtag goes viral, and when her husband's lover turns up dead, Jan becomes the number one suspect.
Inspired by true events...
Although she has fantasies of killing her, did she really do it?

Material Available: Script (WGA 2044059), Pitch Deck, One Sheet, Poster, Investment Outline

Current Status:
* Financing Needed
** Talent Attached – Jennifer Jiles (Emmy-winning former Rockette), Jay Eazy (Rapper/Influencer – 44M Likes/Views)
*** Own Life Rights-Under Contract

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