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Skyline: Warpath

Alternate Titles:

Action/Adventure, Science-Fiction |


Palisades Park Pictures

Cast & Crew


Liam O'Donnell


Matthew Chausse, John Radelacs


Liam O'Donnell


Iko Uwais, Scott Adkins


War Path would take things back to the beginning where we open on the night of the initial alien invasion depicted in the first film. We see that pivotal day through the eyes of new characters along with the co-star of Beyond Skyline, SUA, played by international action star IKO UWAIS.

The first film then follows Sua’s journey of self actualization from a small time criminal to a fully formed leader. After witnessing the dawn of the Resistance movement around Mark and Rose Corley, Sua clashes with her uncle, the power hungry Eric Corley, played by martial arts sensation SCOTT ADKINS.

Settng off on his own, Sua finds himself in a small town of survivors and outcasts. When
Harvester aliens attack, Sua discovers a mysterious alien artifact known as the Radial Gauntlet, long buried on earth, and harnesses its powers to protect the village. Now with both the vicious Harvester and a rival human gang after the Radial artifact, Sua must transport it across a treacherous jungle terrain to reach the Resistance’s stronghold before it’s too late.

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