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Action/Adventure, Drama | English



Cast & Crew


Chester Sit


Mark Kandborg


Clarence is a fatherless boy living in a small town in the middle of nowhere. He’s the only Chinese kid for miles around and the target of taunts and beatings. He spends his childhood feeling ostracized and powerless and longs to be the kind of ‘real man’ that he believes his father to have been.

Nothing changes until the day a charismatic Triad boss passes through this one-horse town, inspiring Clarence to follow the example by the only strong Asian man he has ever seen and become a criminal himself. Clarence now finds success as this small-town drug dealer, savoring in the newfound respect and power he always craved for.

His mother demands he gives up this new and dangers life. In a desperate attempt to convince him, she reveals the truth about his own father’s criminal past but instead of stopping him, it only fuels his fire as he now seeks out to join the Triad boss.

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