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Animation, Comedy | English | 90 minutes


GFM Animation

Cast & Crew


Rob Edwards


Laurence Fishburne, Roddy Ricch, Anthony Mackie, Macy Gray, Chris Paul


Sneaks is the heart-warming and comedic adventure of a misguided, one-of-a-kind, designer sneaker named Ty. He doesn’t really know how to live life outside the comforts of his velvet lined shoe box and lives in fear of getting scuff-marks. One day, he and his sister, Maxine, are stolen by The Collector. He wants to sell them to The Forger, who will take them apart and make cheap copies. When trying to escape from The Collector’s grasp, Ty and Maxine are separated.

Amongst the skyscrapers and back alleys of New York City, Ty finds himself abandoned and alone in the many boroughs, neighbourhoods and villages of Manhattan – the city that never sleeps. It is there that Ty meets Jordan – a streetwise, scuffed up sneaker with a tough-as-leather exterior but butter- soft heart inside. Jordan takes some persuading to help Ty but eventually he relents and they set off on an adventure together to find Maxine before disaster strikes.

Now the clock is on! Ty and Jordan race across New York, meeting all kinds of other incredible footwear from all walks of life along the way. Both are facing their own fears: Ty thinks that if he never leaves the box, he’ll never get hurt, whilst Jordan has been hurt before and doesn’t want to get hurt again. Both of them will learn the same lesson: that in order to experience great pleasure, you need to be willing to experience great pain. That’s the journey of life. And if it takes going from one side of NY to the other to learn that lesson, then so be it.

In this bright, bold, music-filled adventure steeped in sneaker culture, Ty must learn how to walk before he can run. And walking isn’t easy when you’re only one little shoe in the big city.

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