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Soul Mate

Soul Mate

Horror | Thai | 120 minutes


Vela Entertainment Co., Ltd

Cast & Crew


Puttipong Saisrikaew



The curiosity to know if one is your soulmate, leading to a mystical event which may turn the fate of one’s life into a tragedy filled with terrifying answers.

Mari is a high school girl, whose boyfriend is a school star, which makes all the female students envy her. Until Mari meets Jeff, a senior volunteer tutor that she falls in love with him at first sight.

Mari is curious to know whatever Jeff or Nai is her soul mate. Nai became a drunk drinker, causing him dead by a motorbike accident.

Mari comes across an ancient manuscript of mystical rituals, using a mirror as a medium to reveal the future soulmates. Mari performs the ritual but accidentally cause a fire on the mirror, and she sees a burning man in the mirror. Her love fate and life had changed ever since.

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