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Space Agents: The Mysterious Ax

Space Agents: The Mysterious Ax

Action/Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Science-Fiction | English | 94 minutes


MultiVisionnaire Pictures

Cast & Crew


Dom Fred


Alick Macaire, Freddy Lounana


Alick Macaire


Eli Harris, Jennifer Tra, Alden Schoeneberg, Janet Peters, Ron Garner, Erica Chang, Edwin Beale, Carey Conley, Nathaniel Jenkins, Lisa Simpson



Spaceships, alien creatures, heroes and Greek tragedy, all come together in this 3D animation sci-fi action feature 'SPACE AGENTS: The Mysterious AX.' As part one of the SPACE AGENTS epic, it takes place in year 2145. Thanks to the discovery of gravitonium, a mighty force that allow humans to increase their physical and brain capacities tenfold, Earth crisscrossed space and established colonies across the galaxy. In touch with new forms of life, the humans created "The Alliance," a special unit in charge of the regulation of resources and intergalactic conflicts. But the thirst for domination of the Saurian people, an alien race of great fighters dope with gravitonium, jeopardize the balance in the universe every day. So, when The Alliance's Espérance ship is attacked, two Alliance Space Agents are tasked to secure the ship. On board, the future of all mankind.

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