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Spotlight on German Films and Talents at the Summer Film Festivals 2021

Spotlight on German Films and Talents at the Summer Film Festivals 2021

Documentary | English | 53 minutes


German Films Service + Marketing GmbH

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German Films Service + Marketing


German Films Service + Marketing


German Films Service + Marketing


Maren Eggert


German Films hit the road this summer! Hear from a selection of German directors, actors, and producers as they share their creative thoughts and inspiration behind the films invited to Locarno, Karlovy Vary, Venice, and TIFF this year. From up-and-coming talents to established filmmakers, documentaries to captivating feature films, and shorts to virtual reality, experience the entire slate of cutting-edge German filmmaking.

Featuring: Maria Schrader, Director, I’M YOUR MAN (TIFF ‘21); Maren Eggert, Actress, I’M YOUR MAN (TIFF ‘21, Silver Bear Best Leading Performance, Berlin ‘21); Daniel Carsenty, Director, THE DEVIL’S DRIVERS (TIFF ‘21); Julia von Heinz, Director, ISOLATION (Venice ‘21); Sabrina Sarabi, Director, NO ONE’S WITH THE CALVES (Locarno ‘21); Saskia Rosendahl, Actress, NO ONE’S WITH THE CALVES (Locarno ‘21, Best Actress); Lisa Bierwirth, Director, LE PRINCE (Karlovy Vary ‘21); Shawkat Amin Korki, Director, THE EXAM (Karlovy Vary ‘21); Vika Kirchenbauer, Director, THE CAPACITY FOR ADEQUATE ANGER (TIFF ‘21); Monica Vanesa Tedja, Director DEAR TO ME (Locarno ‘21); Mehmet Aktaş, mîtosfilm, Producer, THE EXAM (Karlovy Vary ‘21); Avan Jamal, Actress, THE EXAM (Karlovy Vary ‘21) Sara Lisa Vogl, Root, Director, EXPLORING HOME (Venice ‘21); Nicolaas Schmidt, Director, FIRST TIME [THE TIME FOR ALL BUT SUNSET – VIOLET] (Locarno ‘21); Anne Döring, Producer FIRST TIME [THE TIME FOR ALL BUT SUNSET – VIOLET] (Locarno ‘21); Joerg Courtial, Director GENESIS (Venice ‘21); Maria Courtial, Producer, GENESIS (Venice ‘21); Jerry Hoffmann, Director, I AM (Future Frames Karlovy Vary ‘21, Student Academy Awards Finalist); Ursula Strauss, Actress, LE PRINCE (Karlovy Vary ‘21); Passi Balende, Actor LE PRINCE (Karlovy Vary ‘21); Jonas Dornbach, Komplizen Film, Producer SPENCER (Venice & TIFF ‘21); LE PRINCE (Karlovy Vary ‘21); Lena Thiele, Director, MYRIAD. WHERE WE CONNECT (Venice ‘21); Ahmad Saleh, Director, NIGHT (Locarno ‘21); Fabian Driehorst, Producer, NIGHT (Locarno ‘21); Dietrich Brüggemann, Director, NO (Karlovy Vary ‘21); Jonas Weydemann, Weydemann Bros., Producer, NO ONE’S WITH THE CALVES (Locarno ‘21); Rick Okon, Actor, NO ONE’S WITH THE CALVES (Locarno ‘21); Anna Brüggemann, Screenwriter & Actress, NO (Karlovy Vary ‘21); Nicolas Gebbe, Director, THE SUNSET SPECIAL (Locarno ‘21); Abel Ferrara, Director, ZEROS AND ONES (Locarno ‘21, Best Director); Philipp Kreuzer, Maze Pictures, Producer, ZEROS & ONES (Locarno ‘21), ISOLATION (Venice 2021).

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