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Spy Time

Spy Time

Alternate Titles: Anacleto: Agente Secreto

Action/Adventure, Comedy | Spanish | 94 minutes


Film Factory Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Javier Ruiz Caldera


Francisco Ramos


Fernando Navarro, Pablo Alen, Breixo Corral


Quim Gutierrez, Imanol Arias, Carlos Areces


This Christmas is going to become a living hell for Adolfo. Not only does his girlfriend leave him for being a guy with no ambition who works in a security company, but to top it off, he becomes the objective of a series of thugs led by Vázquez, a dangerous criminal who just escaped prison.

What did he do to get into such a mess?

It's then that he discovers that his father has a double identity. He's not the sausage maker living out in the countryside on his farm that Adolfo always thought he was. He's Anacleto, a secret agent in a slump and the man who locked Vázquez away thirty years ago. Adolfo will have to venture out of his comfort zone and work with his father, the person he gets along with least in the world, in order to survive Vázquez's vengeance and to try to win his girlfriend back, all while making it through shootouts and chases.

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