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Action/Adventure, Drama | | 100 minutes


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Cast & Crew


Mads Hedegaard


Andreas Hjortdal


Angela Bundalovic, Danica Curcic


When the 19-year-old girl Aathi and her family, as the first farmers ever, arrive in what is now known as Denmark, her family is killed by a local tribe of hunter-gatherers. Alone in the vast and eerie forest, Aathi and her brother are forced to live with the tribe that killed their family and learn their traditions in order to survive. But gradually, the demands of what Aathi must submit to, become more and more ruthless. And in the end, it is clear that there can be no peaceful solution to the first and biggest culture clash not only in Danish but in European history – and Aathi must decide if she will take her revenge.

Set approximately 4000 years BC, STRANGER is a raw story about survival at all costs. An epic, thrilling and captivating pre-historical film presenting a unique look into the transition from hunter stoneage to peasant stone-age with a Pre-Indo-European language, which has been developed exclusively for this film. STRANGER is a chapter of our common history, which has never been brought to life in film before. With a suspense-driven storyline, incredible production value and brutal, violent scenes that sets the tone of the film, STRANGER features rising star, Angela Bundalovic (Copenhagen Cowboy, 2022) alongside Danica Curcic (The Chestnut Man, 2021).

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