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Suka: Revenge of the Clan

Suka: Revenge of the Clan

Action/Adventure, Martial Arts, Thriller | English | 84 minutes


MultiVisionnaire Pictures

Cast & Crew


Heidi Lee Douglas


Tsu Shan Chambers


Lily Cheng, Tsu Shan Chambers


Jenny Wu, Paul He, Grace Huang, Ethan Browne, Tsu Shan Chambers



Two young people meet by chance and fall in love -- unaware of each other's family ties. Bo is the heir to the Yang clan, the biggest crime gang in Western Sydney. And he is obligated by family duty to carry out his father's dirty deeds. Hui, the survival child of the rivalry clan Dawood family, was sent away by her mother, the Dawood matriarch, as a child for protection. Yang's leader Jun murdered Hui's father while her mother was pregnant with her, but Hui is totally unaware of the generational feud. When Bo is forced to assassinate a local trader, Hui witnesses the assassination and is captured by Yang clan. The family history is revealed to the couple, and Bo is torn between honor and love when he discovers that his beloved Hui is the daughter of his father’s worst enemy. With Western Sydney on the brink of all-out gang warfare, will Bo carry out his family’s demands or choose the one person who makes him a better man?

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