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Superagent Okie Dokie

Superagent Okie Dokie

Alternate Titles: Superagente Makes

Comedy | Spanish | 95 minutes


Film Factory Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Leo Harlem, Silvia Abril



Jose Miguel “Makey” is an easygoing cop who loves his job in the Carabanchel neighborhood in the suburbs of Madrid and has an overblown sense of responsibility and honor.

His life gets turned upside down when a clerical blunder gets him demoted to traffic agent (let’s face it, the guys handing out tickets) and posted on the Costa del Sol. There, Makey will run into his daughter, who hasn’t been on speaking terms with him in years, and find himself randomly caught up in a dangerous international drug trafficking plot.

Makey is about to become the lead in the action movies he’s always dreamed of.

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