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Ta Khon

Ta Khon

Mystery, Thriller | Thai | 120 minutes


Vela Entertainment Co., Ltd

Cast & Crew


Puwadon Naosopa


Panuwat Sopradit, Mondop Heamtan, Thanatsaran Samthonglai


A young man in the Northeast of Thailand whose deaf sister mysteriously disappears on the day of the Phi Ta Khon tradition which corresponds to the mystery of a corpse with a severed mouth according to the ancient beliefs of "the Sripanta Family". Will "Faith" help him to encounter his sister again when "the truth" is leading him into something unexpected?

The story of the Sripanta family between "Joi", ayoung man who sel lottery tickets ni Loei, and "Kaew", his deaf younger sister. They lived ni the rural vilage. He grew up with a family that believed in "Phi Ta Khon."

As the sun set on the second day of the Phi Ta Khon tradition, Kaew suddenly mysteriously disappeared from the village. Jo and his friends tried find his sister within 7 days before Phi Ta Khon mystery came true. Joi found Kaew's painting which was similar to a Pha Taem painting that is related to Phi Ta Khon beliefs. This may lead to the faith of Joi and Kaew who prayed for "Grandpa Yer - Grandma Yer", the real ancestors of the Phi Ta Khon, to protecting them.

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