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True Story | | 120 minutes


Proreal Production Corp


Just like the sun ‘the companion of dreams’ slowly hides in mist in the cloudy day behind the mountains, sometimes hope fades away and vision gets blurred. The mountain holds many such faded stories; stories of desires, dreams, freedom and belief. Tara: The Lost Star is one such story that unfolds in a mountain village very close to the capital town, showcasing a constant tug between progressive ideas and traditional faith. The film questions the existence of emotions that is driven by hope in the presence of robust religiously coated traditions. The story revolves around Tara reflecting the dilemma of firmly rooted belief system that has transpired from generations and the aspiration of a young Tara who finds herself entrapped in this suffocating situation. Tara: The Lost Star is a quest of Tara who finds herself in contradiction to such conflicts between reality and socially constructed belief system.

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