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Drama | Spanish | 96 minutes



Cast & Crew


Paula Ortiz


Alex Lafuente, Valérie Delpierre


Paula Ortiz, Javier García Arredondo


Blanca Portillo, Asier Etxeandia, Greta Fernández



Teresa waits patiently. She knows her time has come. Today, the Inquisitor is coming. His visit and his judgement will determine what happens to the San José monastery that she has worked so tirelessly to build with her sisters.

The Inquisitor walks into the kitchen, where Teresa is waiting for him. He is younger than her, somehow too attractive for such a serious job. At first, he seems distant, aloof… His eyes giving nothing away. But then, he goes in for the kill, showing his true, diabolical colours. He is the complete opposite of Teresa.

The Inquisitor is skilful at finding Teresa’s weaknesses. He lets her know that he is aware that her family are converts, that she had forbidden literature in her house and that, as a young girl, she felt a special attraction for another, young novice, Juana.

Teresa understands the danger. Her opponent is extremely audacious, clearly on a par with her. The interrogation soon turns to Teresa’s supposed conversations and visions of God. The Inquisitor insinuates that she must be confused and that who she’s really seeing is the Devil. Or worse still, that she is, in fact, a fraud.

A furious, dialectic battle about Teresa’s life and work ensues, in which they dispute the value of books, words, faith, the size of God, arrogance, disobedience and the freedom of women.

Teresa knows she has nowhere to hide. She will not be able to come out of this inquisition unharmed.

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