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That's Amore!

Romantic Comedy |


Palisades Park Pictures

Cast & Crew


Nick Vallelonga


Nick Vallelonga


John Travolta, Katherine Heigl, Christopher Walken


NICK VENERE (John Travolta) is a modern day "Marty" - fifty years old, he's never been married and his best dating years are well behind him. His days consist of working at his family's pizzeria and indulging in his passion for dance by practicing solo after closing. Nick's never heard the words, "I love you," and at this point he figures he never will.

PATTY AMORE (Katherine Heigl) has her share of problems as well. Shy and introverted, she's filled with various tics and nervous habits. A secret from her past, combined with her over-protective father, has caused her to withdraw from the dating game and she refuses to trust, or open her heart to any man.

When Nick and Patty meet, literalyl bumping into each other, they have an immediate connection. As these two emotionally damaged people attempt to date and have a relationship, their families get involved, and the results are a hilarious series of events.

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