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The Ant Farm

The Ant Farm

Drama, Science-Fiction, Thriller | English | 83 minutes


KDMG, Inc.

Cast & Crew


Robert Shannon


Martina Finch


Martina Finch


Martina Finch, Paul Kelleher, Frank Secret, Thea Antzis



Richard Avery and his wife, Deb, drive to a beautiful, remote lakeside cottage for some rest and relaxation. He plans to work on his book, an expose of a government/military conspiracy and she hopes to find solace on the anniversary of their young daughter's death years ago. The area is deserted, save for the ranger, and there's no phone connection to the world beyond. Their serenity is soon interrupted by the discovery of a young girl comatose on the frozen lake. She claims to be the daughter of a scientist who was also working on exposing the conspiracy but has since disappeared. She is fearful of the ranger whom she claims will kill her if he finds her. Richard drives in search of medical help but is told by the ranger that there's no way out. While looking for his dropped wristwatch, richard brushes aside some leaves to reveal a porthole with a view that can best be described as out of this world. Realizing the true nature of their predicament, Richard and Deb take matters into their hands in a final act of desperation...Or is it a grand statement of free choice?

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