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The Clinic

The Clinic

Horror, Mystery | English | 94 minutes


Odin's Eye Entertainment

Cast & Crew


James Rabbitts


Samuel Pinczewski


James Rabbitts


Tabrett Bethell, Andy Whitfield



young mother-to-be, Beth, is travelling with her finance Cameron narrowly avoiding an accident on the road, they stop at a motel in a small town. Cameron goes for a midnight stroll and comes back to find his finance missing and calls the police when the authorities arrest him but is killed in a car crash.

Beth later awakens naked in an abandoned warehouse, lying in a bath tub filled with ice and water. She discovers a C-section scar on her abdomen and realises her baby has been stolen. Beth finds three other mothers who have also been kidnapped and had their unborn children surgically removed. The mothers soon discover their babies are alive and locked in cages, with coloured clips matched to a coloured tag sewn inside their true mother’s abdomen. Removing the tag from their abdomens will lead to death by blood loss as one of the mothers decides to kill the other woman, removed their tag, and find their baby through the process of elimination.

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