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The Cold Race

The Cold Race

Action/Adventure, Drama | Russian | 81 minutes


Adler & Associates Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Said Tulyaganov


Said Tulyaganov, Nikita Shvedov, Polina Kamenskaia


Said Tulyaganov, Vladimir Ulyanov, Aleksandr Dmitriev, Anna Petrenko, Sharof Egamberdiev, Zafar Sabirov



In "The Cold Race," two polar explorers, Tommy and Chris, embark on a historic journey to become the first person to complete a solo crossing of Antarctica. Chris, an experienced explorer, relies on his knowledge and expertise, while the young and ambitious Tommy is willing to take extreme risks to win the race.

As they traverse the treacherous terrain of Antarctica, the explorers face harsh weather conditions, dangerous ice cracks, and limited communication with the outside world. Each must overcome their unique challenges to reach the finish line first.
As the race intensifies, they become insanely competitive and obsessed with winning, leading to some questionable decisions. They must decide if achieving victory is worth risking their lives.

In the end, only one will emerge as the victor, but at what cost? "The Cold Race" is a thrilling adventure that explores the limits of human endurance and the dangers of obsession.

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