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The Diamond Sword

The Diamond Sword

Drama, Historical | | 135 minutes


National Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (NAMPAS)



Mid 15th century. After the fall of the powerful Golden Horde several independent khanates formed, among them White Horde which was founded on the territory of the present-day Kazakhstan. Historical power within White Horde belonged to the dynasty of Orda Ichen, the eldest son of Jochi and grandson of the great Gengis Khan. But overtime descendant of the Shaybanids’ youngest branch - Abulkhair seized the power. With cruelty and treachery he expanded the boundaries of the khanate. He ruled the nomads sternly and mercilessly.

Year 1460. Several tens of thousands of nomads unite and side with sultans Kerey and Zhanibek, the descendants of Orda Ichen. On the Сonsult of Tribes’ Elders they decided to decamp from Khan Abulkhair. Sultans reach the borders of Moghulistan, where Esen Buqa, the local ruler agrees to accomodate them. The legendary sage Asan Kaigy, who accompanied the nomad encampment, recalls the events preceding the nomad encampment...

Zhanibek and Kerey decide to secede from Abulkhair’s khanate and establish its own ulus. The heads of the clans sided with Kerey and Zhanibek call for quriltai. Understanding the necessity of unification, they elect Kerey as Khan and declare the formation of Kazakh Khannate.

Screenplay of the film is based on the novel by Ilias Yessenberlin «Diamond Sword»

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