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The Execration of Black Bear and John Pickett

The Execration of Black Bear and John Pickett

Alternate Titles: Execration

Horror, Supernatural Thriller | English | 110 minutes


Lightchaser Pictures, LLC

Cast & Crew


Donovan de Boer, Keith Shaw, Stevie Salas, Kevin Munroe


Stevie Salas, Kevin Munroe


"The Execration of two Lost Souls" In a climactic battle of wills and worlds, Black Bear and John Pickett must confront their past, their fears, and malevolent force that seeks to destroy them both. They must forge an unlikely alliance to confront the evil that threatens to consume them both.

ACT 1:

Black Bear, haunted by his traumatic past at St. Joseph's Labor and Boarding School for Indians, returns to his village only to find it massacred by specialized Indian Killers led by Union Army soldiers. He meets Singing Bird, a male figure who becomes a guiding force but tragically dies early on. Zayanya, another significant figure in Black Bear's life, also dies early and later appears in visions.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant John Pickett, in his late 50s, grapples with the moral complexities of war and his strained relationship with his daughter, Abigail.

Act II:

Black Bear and Pickett's paths cross when they both encounter the malevolent Wendigo, a creature that terrorizes their communities. Realizing they share a common enemy, they form a reluctant alliance. As they journey through perilous landscapes, they set up traps and prepare for a final confrontation with the Wendigo. Black Bear crafts a heavy-duty bow with pole-sized arrows, while Pickett relies on his military experience and dynamite.

Act III:

In a fortified chapel, they make their last stand against the Wendigo. The creature attacks, and in a climactic battle, Pickett sacrifices himself by connecting dynamite wires, causing a massive explosion that kills the Wendigo but also takes his own life. Black Bear is severely wounded but survives. Both men are forever changed by this experience, each gaining a newfound understanding and respect for the other. Black Bear finds some semblance of closure for his traumatic past, while Pickett's sacrifice serves as his final act of redemption.

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