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The Fold

The Fold

Drama | English | 90 minutes


SC Films International

Cast & Crew


John Jencks


Jay Taylor, Alexa Seligman


Poppy Cogan


Catherine McCormack, Marina Stoimenova, Dakota Blue Richards



A teenage girl lies dead on the floor of a swimming pool.

Ten months later, Angelican priest Rebecca Ashton (Catherine McCormack) moves to Cornwall in an attempt to deal with the death of her daughter. Enjoying her picturesque new environment, she finds a Bulgarian girl Radka (Marina Stoimenova) sleeping rough in her church and with her mothering instincts firmly in tact her natural reaction is to protect her. Rebecca takes over Radka’s English classes at local community centre St. Piran’s and the two become close.

As Radka’s dependence on Rebecca grows, Rebecca’s motivation to help her becomes more uncertain: reminded of her deceased daughter, she offers to become Radka’s guardian but neglects to tell her she has another daughter Eloise (Dakota Blue Richards).

Ignoring Radka’s jealous and volatile nature, Rebecca must come to her senses quickly or risk putting her family in grave danger. The Fold is a gripping and taut UK Drama from the award-winning director John Jencks (short film Not Now Pet).

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