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The Games Maker

The Games Maker

Family | English | 112 minutes


Cinema Management Group

Cast & Crew


Juan Pablo Buscarini


Tina Pehme, Kim Roberts, Juan Pablo Buscarini, Pablo Bossi, Jose Ibanez


Juan Pablo Buscarini


Joseph Fiennes, David Mazouz, Tom Cavanagh, Ed Asner, Megan Charpentier


An exciting family adventure about ten year old, Ivan Drago, whose love of board games catapults him into a fantastical world of game invention and imagination. After entering the “games maker” competition, sponsored by the big evil inventor Morodian, his parents go missing in a freak balloon accident. When he is left with no choice but to find them or be an orphan at the decaying Possum boarding School, Ivan sets off on a daring expedition to find his parents and the truth of what happened to the city of Zyl. In order to save his family, Ivan must come to know what it is like to be a true Games Maker.

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