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The Hammer of Witches: The Screech Owl

The Hammer of Witches: The Screech Owl

Alternate Titles: Screech Owl

Horror, Science-Fiction, Supernatural Thriller | English | 77 minutes


Paspa Productions

Cast & Crew


Alexander Paspa


Alexander Paspa


Joe Chambrello, Brian Childers, Julian Brittano, Russell Shealy



When a string of missing children cases are yet to be solved, A Private Detective (Joe Chambrello) and his partner Mark (Russell Shealy) are the last hope for the families. Quickly, everyone in town becomes a suspect, even local Vietnam veteran Jeff Brown (Brian Childers). Mark is skeptical about Detective Paul’s judgment for teaming up with the bitter hermit Jeff who tries to communicate with aliens. Has Paul been affected by his obsession to solve the case, or is the detective on to something much more sinister than anticipated? One thing is for sure, the unlikely alliance must work together and battle their own demons within to hunt for the truth in this thrilling Sci-Fi/horror.

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