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The Intangible Joy of Love

The Intangible Joy of Love

Alternate Titles: Die Unschärferelation der Liebe

Comedy, Romantic Comedy | German | 92 minutes


Global Screen

Cast & Crew


Lars Kraume


Genia Krassnig, Stefan Arndt


Dorothee Schön Schön


Caroline Peters, Burghart Klaußner, Carmen-Maja Antoni


When the notorious liar Greta unexpectedly kisses the lonesome butcher Alex on the neck at a bus stop, both of them are unaware that this chance encounter is exactly what they have been missing in their lives.

Greta is a notoriously compulsive liar as a school secretary and, at the same time, loud, spontaneous, and unpredictable. Alexander is a struggling butcher and, moreover, a lover of music and a hidden intellectual, always mindful of his strict order. At a bus stop, she unexpectedly kisses him on the neck, completely out of the blue. A mix up? Or is there a bigger plan behind it? In any case, it marks the beginning of an electrifying love story that neither of them had expected just five minutes earlier. No matter how much Alexander might resist, he cannot escape the force of nature that is Greta.

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