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The Journey

The Journey

Action/Adventure, Fantasy | English | 120 minutes


Hotline LLC

Cast & Crew


Janet Craig


Janet Craig, Bill Mendieta, Mark David, Joaquin Camilo


Janet Craig


In this live action fantasy feature film inspired by John Bunyan’s "Pilgrim's Progress", a teenage boy, CHRISTIAN sets out on a perilous journey to reach the King's City, but must overcome a series of daunting challenges that threaten to claim his life.

In a world shadowed by darkness and ruled by the malevolent APOLLYON, a small village faces an unthinkable tragedy. CHRISTIAN’s parents, along with the lives of countless others, are taken during an attack by the forces of evil.

Surviving the onslaught are Christian, his younger brother JOHN, a caring NURSE, and a spirited group of orphans who relish their role as mischief-makers. Christian bears a burden beyond the emotional weight of his parents' loss—a softball-sized deformity on his right shoulder. This affliction leaves him ostracized and ridiculed by the other children.

Yet, Christian finds solace in the pages of THE KING’s BOOK, reading a copy that once belonged to his mother. It's filled with tales of great adventure for those who follow the King. Christian imagines his mother and father reading it to him, as they once had every night before bed.

The King's Book promises that those who seek the King and find Him will have fellowship as an adopted child to the King, and they will live together in the wondrous Holy City. Christian imagines his parents are there too.

Driven by a longing to reunite with his parents and his faith in the existence of the King, Christian embarks on a perilous adventure alongside his brother John. Their journey is a breathtaking odyssey, fraught with danger and personal transformation. Along the way, they are tested by life and death.

Apollyon and his sinister minions watch Christian and John closely, seeking their destruction. However, the benevolent King equips the young adventurers with armor, companions, and guides to aid them in their struggle. To reach the Holy City, Christian and John must risk everything.

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