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The Legend Of Kate Kensington

The Legend Of Kate Kensington

Faith, Thriller | English | 109 minutes


Twin Engines Global

Cast & Crew


Bradley Castillo


Bradley Castillo


Bradley Castillo


Hayley Castillo, Melony Daemer, David McDivitt



During WWII, the invasion of Pearl Harbor took the lives of thousands. This story narrows on the life of Kate Kensington who lost her fiancé, William, in that battle. Unable to bear the grief, Kate falls into a deep depression ending tragically with her taking her own life. Her body is never recovered. Reports are made of her apparition at the cemetery where William was buried and in the surrounding woods and the legend is born. The story then moves to the present day, where a clairvoyant young girl, Hayley Jennings, learns of the legend of Kate and begins having reoccurring vivid nightmares about her. Hayley begins seeing the silhouette of her, hearing her voice and through her dreams leans of a dark secret Kate's family kept from the public explaining why her spirit remains. Will Hayley be able to use her gift to help Kate, or is this secret so dark that uncovering it is too dangerous? Terrified, Hayley looks to God for strength.

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