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THE LIFE: Sex, Drugs & Violence

THE LIFE: Sex, Drugs & Violence

Drama | English | 81 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Wil Lewis III


Wil Lewis III, Genesis Hines, Nona Malone, Josh Ryan, Howard Patterson



After being released from prison Wil (Wil Lewis III) tries to reconnect with the daughter he didn't get a chance to raise and live a life free of crime. After a chance encounter with Candy (Genesis Hines} a streetwalker who's in desperate need for protection she propositions him with a business opportunity he cant decline. Associates from Wil's past try to pressure him to get back into the life of drug dealing but he refuses as his business venture with Candy has begun to flourish. After one of his former partners is robbed Wil is compelled back into the life he tried so hard to avoid. As Wil navigates the dope game again he is unknowingly pursued by a dirty cop seeking revenge. Life comes full circle for Wil as he copes with the pressure of being a drug dealer in the mean streets of Detroit city. Based on a true story.

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