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The Odd-Job Men

The Odd-Job Men

Alternate Titles: Sis Dies Corrents

Comedy, Drama | Spanish | 85 minutes


Beta Cinema

Cast & Crew


Neus Ballús


Miriam Porté


Neus Ballús, Margarita Melgar


Mohamed Mellali, Valero Escolar, Pep Sarrà


The Odd-Job Men tells the story of a week in the life of Moha, Valero and Pep—workers in a small plumbing and electricity company in the outskirts of Barcelona: they are the guys who enter your home and fix what’s broken.

Moha, the youngest, is on a one-week trial period with the company. He is shy but does surprisingly well with customers. Moha is set to replace Pep, who is about to retire. However, Valero is not at all comfortable with Pep retiring. He doubts Moha has what it takes, or that customers will accept a Moroccan worker.

Maybe six days are not enough to make somebody change, to make him overcome his prejudices. Maybe it’s not enough time to make a new friend. But it’s possibly enough to discover that we have to live together: one small step for a plumber, but a giant leap for mankind.

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